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Privacy Policy

Lightning Promotions Privacy policy is in compliance to Federal Privacy Act 1988.

We always value our client’s privacy and as such we always make sure to keep our client’s information secure.

At Lightning Promotions, we only collect information that are necessary for us to properly produce and deliver an order. We may also collect personal information about individuals whose personal information is given to us by our direct customers to be used in the transaction process. Any personal information that we collect will be used by us to properly provide you with the services that you have paid for.

The information required includes but not limited to:

Full Name

Contact Details

Delivery Address

Bank account number

Card Number

 E-Mail Address


Please note that we will not disclose any information about you unless required by law deemed under proper procedure. By agreeing to this terms and conditions, you have given Lightning Promotions full consent to disclose your information once required by the Court whenever needed.

In cases of your repeat orders and transactions, you are hereby granting Lightning Promotions to use your information unless a change has been made. Any changes on your information will be gladly accepted as you will be given access to your personal information stored using our website. Lightning Promotions will only hold denial access unless required by law.

In cases of stolen or unauthorized cards or bank account information used for a transaction, Lightning Promotions serves no liability against the law and serves the right to stop any ongoing production. Lightning Promotions may file claim against any damages incurred by the direct customer.

Lightning Promotions may store your information electronically or in hard-copy but we assure you the confidentiality of this information in either or both of the given format. We only have the best team that handles all online and offline transactions committed to making sure that your personal information is secure.

Any changes in our Privacy Policy in Compliance to the Federal Privacy Act 1988 and National Privacy Principles will be posted in our website.




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